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Procedures for returns of goods

Information on cancellation, complaints, right to cancel a purchase and warranty must be stated clearly when making a return. Returns regulated by the Consumer Sale of Goods Act, the Consumer Service Act, the Distance Contracts and Doorstep Sales Act and the E-Commerce Act. However, as a minimum requirement, Used goods are not refundable.Return can be issued within 30 days from the receipt of it.

COCO OPT OU has a generous and flexible “RETURN OF GOODS” policy . The details of this policy and the
procedures required to implement this policy are as follows.
COCO OPT will accept goods returned under the following conditions.
a) The customer will firstly  email
COCO OPT customer Service with details of the proposed return on a RAN
Request Form BEFORE any goods can be returned. Upon receipt of the request
COCO OPT will then advise
customer of their options concerning their request. The Customer Service Department will issue a RETURN
AUTHORITY NUMBER (RAN) which will be used as a future reference.
b) The customer will provide all relevant details on the request form referencing the appropriate
COCO OPT Invoice.
c) Freight arrangements for return of goods.
(i) If the goods are faulty or incorrectly supplied,
COCO OPT will pay the freight and will nominate the carrier and
the freight category.
COCO OPT will not be responsible for freight charges if any other carrier is used.
(ii) For goods returned for any other reason apart from faulty or incorrectly supplied products, the freight will
be at the expense of the Customer.
d) On receipt of the goods
COCO OPT will check to determine the state of the goods and weigh them.
(i) If, in the expert opinion of
COCO OPT, the goods are faulty or incorrectly supplied, then a credit for the full
amount of the original invoiced value for that item will be raised. It will be referenced to the RAN.
(ii) If the goods are not proved to be faulty or incorrectly supplied, they will be returned to Customer at their
freight expense. Alternatively, for non-faulty goods or goods returned for any other reason a rehandling
and restocking charge of 20 % of the original invoice value for that item will be made and a credit will be
issued on that basis.
(iii) If any of the goods returned are damaged or defaced in any way which could prevent the goods from being
sold then no credit will be issued.
e) In order to claim a credit for goods incorrectly supplied either quantity or product,
COCO OPT must be notified
within 48 hours of receipt of these goods. Beyond this time
COCO OPT reserves the right not to recognise any
All other goods will be accepted for return up to a maximum of 1 month from the invoice date.
f) Non stocked items, i.e items not listed in the Keytek official price lists, specifically ordered by a customer will
ONLY be accepted for credit if the product is faulty and ONLY within 30 days of receipt of the goods.
No credit for any reason will be issued for goods purchased more than 1 month prior to the claim being made.
To return goods to Keytek the following simple procedure must be followed
Returns site, Phone, Email  COCO OPT Customer Service Department in Melbourne on; to request an RAN Request Form.
Return Form to
COCO OPT with explanation of proposed return and Customer Service will advise of RETURN
AUTHORITY NUMBER (RAN) if appropriate. This RAN should be used on all documents and correspondence to
enable unambiguous identification.
b) If the return is for allegedly faulty goods, the
COCO OPT Customer Service will give instructions as to the
freight carrier to be used and category of the shipment of the goods. Unless the circumstances are
unusual the category would normally be “OFF PEAK”.
c) If the return is for reasons other than faulty or incorrectly supplied goods the customer must arrange for the
freight and then notify
COCO OPT of the details of the shipment.
d) On receipt by
COCO OPT, an assessment will be made and if the goods are proved to be faulty or incorrectly
supplied then a Credit Note will be issued cross referenced to the RAN.
If the goods are not proved to be faulty then the
COCO OPT Customer Service will notify the customer and give
them the choice of either taking back the goods or accepting a credit less the restocking and rehandling charge
of 20% of the initial invoice value.
e) Any credit authorised by
COCO OPT will be issued as a formal CREDIT NOTE and mailed to the customer and will
be identified on the Statement at the end of the current trading month.