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Moschino Funny - Toilet water
Toilet water Moschino Funny charm his beautiful fruityfloral sound. Her lovely aromas awaken memories of summer that has been full of adventures and new acquaintances. The composition consists of an abundance of bright juicy orange and red currant. Plexus attractive complement intriguing pink pepper, gradually turning into a luxurious sound heart unobtrusive notes of jasmine, peony and reflections..
Moschino I Love Love - Toilet water
Women's Eau de Toilette I Love Love was released in 2005, and today heads the top position in the ranking of women's perfume. Unobtrusive flavor notes of the initial wrap you mix fruit and citrus. After open heart chords cinnamon and tea rose. Fragrance bouquet attractive finish loop woody notes, musk and cedar. Such a composition can underscore the charisma and charm as a young lady, and adult la..