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Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Blanc
The line of men's fragrances by Lacoste replenished with another perfume Eau de L.12.12 Blanc, one of the most fresh and invigorating fragrance for a real man, he is able to highlight the courage and charisma, willingness to help at any time. The composition opens with fresh sound of grapefruit, rosemary and green cardamom. Heart note chord sounds alluring ylang ylang, and ends this extravaganza f..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Blanc Limited Edition
Limited Collection brand Lacoste de L.12.12, in 2014, gained another scent de L.12.12 Blanc Limited Edition. The new perfume is part of a group of Eastwood flavors. Eau de Toilette is designed for the modern man, who lives in a large metropolis, he was not used to sit in one place, it is engaged in sports and lead sedentary lifestyles. The composition opens with bright and colorful shades of grape..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Bleu
If you want to emphasize your athletic potential, and make it clear to others that you love the various adventures, the special Toilet water Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 was designed for you. She reveals woody chypre fragrance. First please note the freshness of grapefruit and mint, warm chords unfold cedar, and plume envelops the scent of patchouli leaves. The owner of the perfume is a young man who va..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Energized
It is said that a man can tell his scent. It is missing a few seconds to unravel the nature of the opposite sex, and hobbies. Eau de Toilette LancomeEnergized gives the woman immediately understand that in front of her a true gentleman who knows the price of themselves and their time. This fragrance will suit the young and stylish men. From the first seconds of the fragrance reveals the citrus not..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Noir
Sport fragrances Lacoste replenished with another perfume. Inspired by the design of polo shirts, perfumers developed a new scent that conveys all the rigor and grandeur. Eau de Toilette combines fern wood shades that gives the woman immediately understand the serious intentions of the interlocutor. Elixir combines the appeal and austerity at a time. Chic loop drop of dark chocolate and patchouli ..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Pour Elle Elegant
Dressing Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Pour Elle Elegant, refers to a group of fern fragrance. This lovely perfume is fully consistent with its name. It is suitable for elegant and confident the fair sex. Lacoste offers its fragrance into the world of natural bEauty and nature. From the first seconds aroma reveals a surprising sound pink pepper, citrus rich hues and of blackcurrant rich. Basic floral not..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural
The pleated skirt is the inspiration for the new EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Pour Elle trio of fragrances. A constant within LACOSTE’s collections, the pleated skirt displays a freedom to move and timeless modernity, just like the EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Pour Elle Collection allows you the freedom to be yourself...
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Rouge
The creators of the perfume Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Rouge skilfully combined it spicy and woody notes that blend harmoniously into the composition. It is suitable for men who can not imagine their life without sport, and want to add a new experience in my life. Start fresh fragrance, in the first notes of opening aromas of juicy mango, tangerine and deep red tea. Next audible chords spicy ginger, c..
Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Vert - Eau de Toilette
Eau de Toilette Lacoste Eau de L.12.12 Vert is suitable for young and energetic people who love the sport and lead sedentary lifestyles. The composition is very soft and fresh. It combines a combination of spice and citrus shades. Elixir itself is in a beautiful bottle, which resembles the style of polo shirts. Initial notes open fragrance of bergamot, grapefruit and frozen melon, later they come ..
Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme
The Lacoste fragrance for Women was created in a spirit of elegance, with a touch of sophistication. A simple, modern and energetic fragrance for women free, feminine and authentic with the charm of natural spontaneity...