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Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera 212 Men
Toilet water Carolina Herrera Men 212 has all the characteristics of classic men's fragrance. She is the epitome of elegance, courageous character and strength. Perfume is not intrusive and it is very stable and saturated. It infused musk and woodyfloral accords. The aroma is suitable for the modern man who lives in a large metropolis, and is always in motion. He will emphasize all your strengths ..
Carolina Herrera 212 Summer For Women
Carolina Herrera 212 Summer For Women is a bold fragrance for a real woman, charming, gentle, graceful. Soft veil of this fragrance will envelop you with its discreetly noble shades and a long time will enjoy a unique sound. Introduced Toilet water for the past several years, popular with millions of women in the world, among them there are even Hollywood stars. Her first chords will capture your ..
Carolina Herrera 212 Summer Men
Carolina Herrera presents a new male Toilet water 212 Summer. Perfume is designed for men who know the price of freedom and his own time. Its owner is ablosyutnoy secret to others, it is always mysterious and alluring. In this embodiment of the smell of courage and confidence. Wood fern fragrance reveals notes of lemon sour, mild bitterness of grapefruit and spicy cardamom. To replace the chords c..
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP
Carolina Herrera presents the new fragrance, 212 VIP, inspired by New York’s most creative people, the real VIP's. The young talents who are writing the future history of the city, people who want to have a good time...
Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Rose
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose injects seduction, glamour, and emotion in a single spray. This Carolina Herrera Rose perfume comes in an 80ml glass bottle. Exuding a fresh, sensual, and feminine aroma is the 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera for Women, available in a bottle...
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Silver
After the female version from 2010, Carolina Herrera presents the 212 VIP masculine edition. 212 VIP Men is run by the same slogans: "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party." The fragrance reflects the style and attitude of the New York party elite, described as a party animal and nightlife scent, containing notes of gin and vodka. A man of this fragrance is a fun, charismatic and styl..
Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera
In true female Perfume Carolina Herrera will plunge you into the fantastic world, where there is a summer sun atmosphere and unforgettable night walks. Romantic fragrance seductive chords of perfume can attract the attention of the opposite sex and will not leave without interest any passerby. Subtle and unobtrusive Top notes start to their sound apricot, bergamot, green notes, they give the posse..
Carolina Herrera CH Central Park Limited Edition
Eau de Toilette Carolina Herrera CH Central Park Limited Edition that was released in 2016 in limited edition, suitable for sense of the fair sex. Its modulations addressed fragile and at the same time, successful women. They used to rely only on themselves, set goals and achieve them. Woody musky composition will enchant you with their noble sound. In its initial chords heard playful fragrance of..
Carolina Herrera CH Men Central Park
This captivating Eau de Toilette Carolina Herrera CH Men Central Park created for bold and strongminded men. Its powerful fragrance will make in your everyday life vibrant colors and real wealth. With this fragrance you will always feel like a winner. Bouquet perfume composition comprises harmonious spicy and woody aromas that are filled with notes of cardamom, ginger and white cedar. It will beco..
Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive
Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive the unique flavor, definitely be called a model of male fragrances. Elegant and rich aroma is created for mature and selfconfident men. He was always respected in the community, and his opinion is always heard. Woodsea perfume composition is as multifaceted as the man himself. Her first chords begin their sound fresh and invigorating notes of grapefruit, bergamot and ..