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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein CK IN2U Her
Eau de Toilette Calvin Klein CK IN2U Her designed for Delicate and mysterious woman who is confident, and knows what she wants from life. East flower arrangement beautifully emphasize the high status of its owner. The top notes of a perfume composed of bergamot, blackcurrant and grapefruit. Heart chords filled with the fragrance of bergamot and blackcurrant leaves, they are perfectly underlined by..
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria
Properly selected scent can bring to life the unforgettable moments, bathe her veil, to give confidence and calmness. Perfume Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria this is, the same satellite that will be able to give these wonderful feelings. Feminine fragrance will emphasize your elegance and tenderness. From the very first notes of bergamot offers rich, ripe cherry and sour sweet mandarin. After, they ..
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Decorate your world with bright colors and positive, just open a bottle of stylish women's parfum Calvin Klein Euphoria, and aromas will fill your soul elixir fruit and floral notes. To start, try to mix a ripe pomegranate, persimmon tart and juicy greens. Then proceed to the majestic shades of black orchids and fragrant lotus. At the end of the wonderful scenery, gentle strokes razrisuy picture b..
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom
Flower Arrangement Toilet water Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom will not disregard those who want to get to know her. Ladies immediately want to try on the hypnotic and mesmerizing shades and gentlemen eager to feel it on his fiancee. Happiness, peace and tenderness felt in every drop of flavor. do you want to feel in the present feminine and charming? Then this is exactly what you need! Basic chord..
Calvin Klein Euphoria Men
Touching the skin, Toilet water Calvin Klein Euphoria Men reveals spicy notes of pepper and ginger saturated. The middle notes are heard cedar leaves, fresh basil and sage, and the base note envelops you exotic patchouli and lofty sequoia. This fragrance is suitable for modern males, who value their individuality, in which the inner core and courage combined with the charm and softness. Presented ..
Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Intense
Enticing game of charm and a powerful energy colors represents Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Intense, designed for charismatic, open and selfconfident men. Inhaling passages Eastern wood composition, really transfer into a state of euphoria and bliss of the present. It begins flavorful symphony intense sound ginger, sweet and playful hints of mandarin, pink pepper and cool rain water. Central chords f..
Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Liquid Gold
A man can be characterized by its perfume, the owner of the fragrance Euphoria Men Liquid Gold otCalvin Klein is an elegant and stately gentleman who is not afraid of obstacles in his way and purposefully achieves success. He can not go unnoticed in the crowd, because for him will be luxurious and heady trail of oriental wellchosen ingredients. This fragrance has become the epitome of passion and ..
Perfume Calvin Klein Beauty
Calvin Klein extols the true criteria of beauty - elegance and sophistication, the timeless time. Devoting its fragrance Beauty multifaceted inner world of a woman, her thoughts and feelings, experiences and emotions Beauty tells about how a modern woman goes undefeated in the most difficult situations in life without losing their own sense of dignity, and regardless of the circumstances remains m..
Perfume Calvin Klein Reveal
Step out with a confident feeling when wearing this alluring Calvin Klein Reveal women's fragrance. Offering a deep but approachable fragrance, this eau de parfum scent is ideal for just about any occasion. The combination of mellow top notes and aromatic oils leaves your skin smelling fresh and sweet. Calvin Klein brand fragrances have become the signature scents of millions of women around the w..
Toilette water Calvin Klein CK2
One of the world's leading lifestyle brands, Calvin Klein is synonymous with authentic modern minimalist style. Everything it creates —clothing, accessories, home design—becomes a timeless classic. The label's award-winning fragrances are no exception. Calvin Klein's portfolio of bold and iconic scents continues to redefine the world of perfume. ck2 by Calvin Klein is a gender free fragrance for a..