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Armand Basi

Armand Basi in blue - Toilet water
In 2005, the brand Armand Basi has released a gorgeous woody Eau de Toilette Basi In Blue for the present and strongwilled men. For many years the scent already gained recognition million males. Every drop of his passes austerity and courage. Begins to unfold invigorating notes of bergamot and sweet and sour citrus, comes to replace them spicy black pepper, blackcurrant shoots and intoxicating hon..
Armand Basi In Red - Eau de Toilette
Armand Basi in Red an attractive, romantic, truly feminine fragrance for the fair sex. Perfumers Giorgio Armani Italian house developed unique wood floral arrangement, which is very popular for more than 15 years. The initial notes of the chords are joined bergamot and mandarin, enveloped in a spicy ginger and cardamom. Central middle notes are filled with aromatic fragrances of the gentle violet,..
Armand Basi In Red - Perfume
More intense than in the previous version In Red With his shades, he puts you in the summer where the heat reigns, joy and carefree heroine of the perfume is a wellgroomed, intelligent and positive representative of the fair sex, she knows its purpose and mission...